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Winning at Relationships

9:00 am - 3:30 pm
From your house, wherever you are, by zoom
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Winning at Relationships

How are your relationships? Good or may be not as great as they should be? Is it a competition between saying yes to yourself and yes to the other person?

If you are looking for more, then consider attending to this unique event. Yes, it is possible to create a relationship you long for and deserve and feel fully accomplished.

Start with yourself!

Come and be part of a seminar on the International Self-Esteem Project with its creator, Bob Mandel. The optimal level of self-esteem results from personal work. This is the only way relationships can become a constant expression of love and harmony since all your relationships are an effect of your love for yourself.

Reason why we invite you to this 2-day seminar where we will use the International Self-Esteem Project (ISEP) as the unique tool to find the love within you and project it to every one of your relationships.

Now you have the opportunity of getting its most updated version and, directly from the hands of its creator!

This is an extraordinary possibility of taking your relationships and your life to a higher level of integral well-being. Come with us to explore and deeply learn about connected self-esteem through ISEP.

Participate with your family, friends and work colleagues and check how your world is transformed!

Information and Registration:

Place: By zoom, from any place in the world.

Investment: US$ 270.

Check on pre-sale, group promotions and payment plans.

Mariluz Santos: +1 786 569 0162 / santos.mariluz@gmail.com

Carla Acebey de Sanchez: +58 414 333 4886 / https://carlaacebeydesanchez.com

About Bob Mandel:

Bob is a world-wide well-known speaker and author of several sell-help and children books.

He works around the world, Europe, North and South America, helping men, women and children, families and companies, to improve their relationships and create a greater accomplishment in every aspect of their lives.

In 1981, Bob and his wife Mallie Mandel, organized International Seminars Leadership Programs, training hundreds of leaders in the Human potential movement around the world.

He celebrates his 40 years following his mission of sharing his open heart, peaceful presence and spiritual wisdom with the world. www.bobmandel.com


ISEP comprises 10 journeys of self-discovery and development which effectively serve as a conscious journey towards your empowerment and connection with your higher self, using relationships as your reflection.

ISEP was founded in 1998 and applied as a self-grow program with certification in several countries, having an extraordinary positive impact in the lives of thousands of people.



Oct 2020


Inicio: 9:00 am

Cierre: 3:30 pm


From your house, wherever you are, by zoom


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